Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Revisited August BE2561 ~ Met LP Kaew One Last Time ~ Wat Saphan Meikean In SongKhla - Thailand.

Very sad to heard LP Kaew passed away this year BE2562 ~ April 22nd at 2am morning. Lp Kaew passed away peacefully at age 112 year old. We sharing the revisited August BE2561 at Wat Saphan Meikean and met LP Kaew one last time.
 LP Kaew blessed his 111 year old batch amulets. LP Kaew is a sacred revered guru monk of the South with merciful heart and have many disciple. He got ordained at Wat SaiKow in Pattani province and seriously studied mantra from many guru monks and then went on a pilgrimage for 16 years (BE2518-2534) in the cemetery where gained more wicha.
 The temple gate of Wat Saphan Meikean.
 Temple surrounding area.
 The main Ubosot of Wat Saphan Meikean.
 The sacred Sema stone with Phra Buddha statue.
 The monk Kuti.
 Photo taken with amulet counter.
 LP Kaew slept on bed when i arrived here (cover with watermark). After i obtained some amulets, i talked a while with LP Kaew before i left. LP Kaew was weak and need took rest and not in proper attire for taking photo. I was left without taking photo with LP Kaew.
 The main altar at amulet counter here.
The small eatery shop.
 The Hall building.
The Mondop Shrine of LP Thuad and past abbot statues.
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