Friday, July 22, 2016

Revisited Wat Kae - Temple Of Phra Ajahn Khong (Master Of Khun Paen) (Part 1/2).

Here we revisited Wat Kae, an ancient temple mentioned in “Khun Chang & Khun Paen”, an epic Thai poem, in which stands a 1,000-year-old huge tamarind tree in the temple compound. The legend has it that Khun Paen, having learnt Wicha magic from Master Phra Ajahn Khong, transformed tamarind leaves, exactly from this tree, into wasps and hornets and used it to fight the enemy. Not far from the tamarind tree is a traditional Thai house called “Khum Khun Phaen” which was built as a part of the literature park and a part of literary and historical art conservation.
 The main Ubosot of Wat Kae and inside venerated the main Phra Budhha statues.
 Close view on the altar with side of 9 Faces Phra Buddha statue.
 The crematorium and next to it is the Hall building.
 The amulet counter at ground floor.
 The temple kuti.
 The banner of new amulet released by Wat Kae.
 Here the amulet counter and LP Phisan was attended ceremony blessing at other temple.
 Not far from the Ubosot have the small shrine of Phra Buddha statues seated in the gesture of subduing Mara.
 The small waterfall and the Phra SangKaChai statue.
 The sacred Phra Ajahn Khong statue riding Giant Wasp image. Phra Ajahn Khong is master of Khun Paen. All wicha magic included transformed tamarind leaves into wasps and hornets and used it to fight the enemy also learnt from Phra Ajahn Khong. 
 Photo taken with sacred statue of Phra Ajahn Khong riding Giant Wasp.
 The real Wasp nest is hang on tree.
The shelter for resting and river at side.
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