Monday, July 11, 2016

Meet LP Sompong ~ Wat MaiPinKleaw - Great Monk With His Famous Chuchok.

For those uninitiated to the sacred Chuchok, a visit to Wat MaiPinKleaw offers a thorough and well rounded introduction to famous of sacred Chuchok in Thailand. ChuChok is a Brahman ~ Beggar and with his pitiful appearance, he could draw compassion from people very much and got a lot of donation until became rich. Moreover, he have a very beautiful wife - Amittada. In Thai belief, ChuChok amulet and bucha will attract money and make good business for owner.
 The big prayer hall with main altar of Wat MaiPinKleaw.
 The close view of the main altar with veneration of main Phra Buddha statue and the sacred Chuchok statue at side.
 The banner for new released amulets by LP Sompong ~ Wat MaiPinKleaw.
 The amulet counter for Wat MaiPinKleaw.
 The sacred big Chuchok statue and small wooden Chuchok statues too.
 LP Sompong added blessing for the Holy items.
 LP Sompong wrote the sacred Yant.
 Photo taken with LP Sompong, abbot of Wat MaiPinKleaw - he studied and learnt the dhamma & wicha from many great monks such as LP SaNgah of Wat BanMor, LP Sawai of PreeDaram and LP LumYai of Wat ThungLadya. Today, his amulets are well-known among amulet collectors. If you finding a good Chuchok amulet of bucha, LP Sompong's Chuchok is the first choice.
 The temple Bell tower.
 Here the main Ubosot and old wiharn building of Wat MaiPinKleaw. The old wiharn is under restoration and revival to beautiful condition.
 The temple building of Wat MaiPinKleaw.
The crematorium and Hall building.
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