Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Meet LP SaNgiam ~ Wat Huay Chorakhe ~ Famous Phra Pidta Hukratai & Former Abbot Of LP Nark.

We've always loved Nakhon Pathom – the anticipation journey of new temple, the time to pray and meet monk. Here we are, Wat Huay Chorakhe is famous for Phra Pitda HuKratai (rabbit ear shape) by late famous monk LP Nark. His mantra wicha book successor and now abbot of Wat Huay Chorakhe is LP SaNgiam.
 LP SaNgiam is current abbot of Wat Huay Chorakhe, he has developed Wat Huay Chorakhe to a very beautiful temple. He also mastered the magic wicha and mantra book of LP Nark. 
 The past abbot and late LP Nark (1815-1909) is creator for Rae Phra Pidta Hukratai and first abbot of Wat Huay Chorakhe. Now the Phra Pidta Hukratai by LP Nark is very rare to find.
 The center of Wat Huay Chorakhe is built the small roundabout shrine.
 The photos taken with Big statue of Phra Pidta Hukratai at Wat Huay Chorakhe.
 The main Ubosot of Wat Huay Chorakhe and Phra Buddha holding bowl image on the wall.
 Have ceremony conducted during my visited. Inside the Ubosot is venerated the beautiful Phra Cinnaraj statue.
 The small wiharn at side the Ubosot and surround by colourful Chedi Prang.
 The sema stone.
 The shrine of temple Wat Huay Chorakhe.
 Many statues venerated here included main Phra Buddha statue, Buddha Images for the Seven Days of the Week and Boddhisattvas GuanYin statue.
 The big Hall building.
 The amulet counter of Wat Huay Chorakhe.
 The main altar and many photos portrait of LP SaNgiam.
 LP SaNgiam was get some rest because not feeling well. May LP recover faster.
 The past abbot image of Wat Huay Chorakhe.
 The temple bell tower.
 The small pond and Phra Buddha statue.
The crematorium and Hall building for it.
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