Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Visiting Wat Prasart Boonyawas ~ The Famous LP Thuad Statue In Bangkok.

Wat Prasart is a simple temple with famous past history with conducted grand ceremonies Puttapisek blessing for 7 days 7 nights in BE2506. Wat Prasart Boonyawas, located near samsaen canal in Bangkok, was built in year BE2376. This is one of the important temple in the past era of LP Thuad (wat changhai). Most of the monks lived near samsaen canal and this land was LP Thuad pilgrimage at that time. Because in year BE2498, Wat Prasart has a big conflagration, Ajahn Tim had dreamed of LP Thuad and asked him helping to rebuilt Wat Prasart after fire damaged. Then BE2506 have issued many sacred amulets to rebuilt temple Wat Prasart.
 The Big LP Thuad Taulit statue venerated at front side the Ubosut Wat Prasart Boonyawas.
 The front side with LP Thuad Taulit statue and back side of Ubosut is the Golden Chedi.
 The temple Bell tower.
 The building Hall and wiharn of Wat Prasart Boonyawas.
 The sacred LP Thuad Sivali style statue, at front side the wiharn.
 The temple amulet counter.
The past famous batch BE2506 of LP Thuad, Phra Somdej, Phra Sangkachai, Phra Kring and many other pim amulets were blessed by over 200 Top Monks included Ajahn Tim (wat changhai), LP Nak & LP Hin (wat rakhang), LP Pae (wat phikulthong), LP Doo (wat sakae), LP Toh (wat praduchimplee), LP Tae (wat sam ngam), LP Kuay (wat kositaram), LP Tim (wat laharai), LP Klai (wat suankahn), LP Noi (wat thamsala), LP Daeng (wat kaobandai-it), LP Phrom (wat chongkae), LP Mui (wat donrai), LP Thongsuk (wat saphasoong), LP Chong (wat natangnok) and many many more.
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