Wednesday, June 29, 2016

LP Na ~ Wat Nong Bua - The Beautiful Chedi Wiharn With Arahant Relic Stone (Part 2/2).

LP Na ~ Wat Nong Bua, with good metta, dhamma and wicha is contributed to project of "Chedi" building of Wat Nong Bua. In this part 2, we will share more photos inside the preserved temple Chedi building with layered with a lot of Holy Energy 'Arahant Relic Stone'. The temple Chedi building themselves are a visible interpretation of the holy world of energy "Arahant Relic Stone".
The Giant Bowl at front side of the Chedi building.
The photos taken with the Chedi building and small Golden Chedis are surrounding it.
The Phra Buddha statues surrounding the building.
The main entrance of ground floor, with main altar at center and stunning big 'arahant relic stone' of Phra Buddha Footprint.
The portrait of LP Na ~ Wat Nong Bua.
The center altar with many statues of "arahant relic stone". Very good aura energy and feel peace in mind.
One of the statue Arahant relic stone.
Here is at first floor of the Chedi Building.
In this first floor, venerated many statues with different variety design Phra Buddha image of Arahant Relic Stone.
Inside the top floor and main altar of 'Relic'.
Here the Relic for put in center altar.
Surrounding the center is put with "arahant relic stone".
Small and big arahant relic stone.
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