Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Meet LP Na ~ Wat Nong Bua - One Of The Great Monk In Chainat (Part 1/2).

If you really want to futher discover temple in Chainat (first choice sure is Wat Pak Khlong Makham Thao), then you will have to come to Wat Nong Bua ~ LP Na. The preserved temple Chedi building are layered with a lot of Holy Energy 'Arahant Relic Stone'. The temple Chedi building themselves are a visible interpretation of the holy world of energy "Arahant Relic Stone". We will futher sharing the photos in part 2 for the temple Chedi building of "Arahant Relic Stone". Now in part 1, we discover temple ~ Wat Nong Bua of LP Na.
LP Na ~ Wat Nong Bua, is one of well known monk in Thailand, who's born in year BE2459 at Uthai Thani province. LP Na was ordained when he was 21 years old at Wat Donpor in Chainat province. LP Na studied the magic and meditation from LP Sri of Wat NongFab. Moreover, LP Na also studied the Wicha method from LP Suk’s lineage.
 The temple gate of Wat Nong Bua.
 The wiharn and prayer shrine.
 Inside the Wiharn with main altar Phra Buddha and statues od LP Suk (Wat Pak Khlong Makham Thao), Prince of Chumpon, Putthajarn Toh and LP Na statue too.
 Tha old Chedi.
 The Bell Tower.
 Inside the LP Na's kuti and the main altar of sacred Emerald Buddha statue. As well as the real elephant trunk with hand write Yants.
 LP Na is very weak and rest in bed.
 Have many LP Na photo portrait and his wax statue too.
 Amulet counter of Wat Nong Bua.
 The old banner of old batch amulets.
 The new Ubosot and small altar inside the lower ground floor of the Ubosot.
The temple crematorium of Wat Nong Bua.
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