Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sacred Temple In Phatthalung ~ The HillTop Of Wat Khao Or (Part 2).

The temple Wat Khao Oor has a history of many famous monks with lineage of PutthaKhom Wicha of Samnak Khao Oor. In the past, many parents send their child to study Wicha and Holy Scriptures at Samnak Khao Oor. Included famous ceremony of bath in herbs & medicine, ceremony of cooking sticky rice to be eaten & ceremony of making blend of herbs to be consume also gives the power of invulnerable.
 This hill have 2 sides of stairway leading to peak. The left side of stairway look like abandon.
The limestones hole.
I were discontinue walked up since nothing interesting here.
 The Yaks as Guardian for another stairway to hilltop.
 The stairway to peak.
 The place for herb medicine bath ritual.
 The main Chedi (pagoda) of Wat Khao Oor.
The local devotees praticing aura.
The photo taken with The Sitting Phra Buddha at the peak.
 The sacred Phra Buddha Footprint veneration inside the small wiharn, located at hilltop.
 The view from the peak was magnificent. A spectacular view from the hilltop and below is temple Wat Khao Oor.
The branch used as a tall vertical structure of wood to support for the stone.
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