Friday, December 18, 2015

Revisited (June BE2558) Wat PhikulThong Vararam ~ Ordering New Batch PutthaPhisek LP Nadam Buddha (Part 1).

The 84th Birthday of Head of Sangha of Kelantan - Than Chau Khun Eak (CK Eak) and with new amulets Batch PutthaPhisek LP Nadam for order.
 The invitation banner for 84th years old birthday ceremony at Wat PhiKulThong Vararam.
 The icon landmark of statue Phra Buddha Leela at Wat PhiKulThong Vararam.
 The close view of the statue Phra Leela after restoration few years ago.
 The small wiharn for Phra Buddha 7 days and monks statues.
 The main Ubosot and next is wiharn for sacred statue Phra LP Nadam Buddha.
 The building expansion for main wiharn is under progress.
 Inside the wiharn with past abbot of LP Deng and his portrait & statue.
 Here the expansion was took place. Behind the altar is expand for more space.
 The temple collection for 'keris' and mitmor.
 Allocation for new batch amulets.
The sample for new batch bucha.
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