Thursday, December 31, 2015

Chinese Temple "Lei Yin Shi" 雷音寺 ~ Khao Sam Roi Yod ~ Amazing Arahant Relic Stone With Divine Blessing.

The popular Chinese temple "Lei Yin Shi" 雷音寺, is famous with sacred energy of Arahant Relic Stone SamRoiYod. Many newspaper and even book have published the article about the temple "Lei Yin Shi" 雷音寺 and his sacred Arahant Relic Stone.
The small town with temple gate 雷音寺, this small road is heading to the temple.
The main temple "Lei Yin Shi" 雷音寺 and mountain Samroiyod at back.
The Shrine of Heaven Emperor Deity.
The shrine of Boddhisattvas Guan Yin.
The main statue of Jade Emperor statue and 'arahant relic stone'.
The main altar for Phra Buddha statues.
The festival is near the corner with offering prepared 金纸 paper-crafts offerings.
More statues on main altar with 'arahant relic stone'.
The next building hall with miniature statues.
The sacred Mercy Boddhisattvas Guan Yin and with carved from 'Arahant Relic Stone' statues.
The bucha Phra Buddha carved from 'arahant relic stone'.
More of Holy Energy stuff from 'Arahant Relic Stone'.
The ancestor shrine inside the temple of next building.
The 金纸 paper-crafts made into offerings which are folded from Joss Paper.

The interior with beautifully art decoration.
The SamRoiYod mountain.
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