Friday, May 20, 2016

Wat Pak Khlong Makham Thao ~ The Temple Of LP Suk - The Canal Khlong Makham Thao (Part 3/3).

In front of temple Wat Pak Khlong Makham Thao is located the bank of Chao Phraya river. Also where the canal Khlong Makham Thao located at side. In the past, the faster way to travel thru boat at canal Khlong Makham Thao. The local devotees was told me that this river also the place where LP Suk's disciple practiced the wicha. 
The small wiharn at side of the canal Makham Thao.
Here also venerated statues of Phra Budhha and LP Suk. This wiharn is facing the Chao Phraya river.
The stairway to the river and sacred Naga Phayanak statue.
In the past, many large aquatic reptiles crocodiles live here.
Here the jetty.
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