Monday, May 23, 2016

Visited & Met LP Keat ~ Wat Soonthorn Pradit - Phitsanulok Province - Thailand.

Our first full day of travel began with Wat Sonthorn Pradit, Phitsanulok province. We met with one of the good monk ~ LP Keat, the current abbot of Wat Sonthorn Pradit. We can't really hide our excitement about finally getting here ~ Wat Sonthorn Pradit. Since this was our first visit to temple Wat Sonthorn Pradit, we luckily enough have opportunity to met LP Keat.
The main Ubosot of Wat Sonthorn Pradit, after photo taken in front the ubosot, located the stone lion guarding the entrance of the Ubosot.
The big Hall building.
Here the main prayer wiharn and at here we met up with LP Keat.
The altar for sacred statues, veneration next corner of the wiharn building.
The amulets counter and some display collection amulets of LP Keat and past abbot LP Roon of Wat Sonthorn Pradit. We notice with many LP Keat photos hang at wall.
The main altar with many sacred statues and Holy items. Inside this impressive altar is the bronze Phra Buddha statue and many of Hermit Phra Lersi Heads.
Finally LP Keat arrived after we're waited some time.
LP Keat in deep consecrated to blessed amulets for me.
Photo taken with LP Keat ( LP Khaek ), born BE2467 and ordained as monk in year BE2487 at Wat Sonthorn Pradit.
The temple surrounding with temple gate and shrine building at side of temple compound.
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