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Wat RaiTangThong ~ PhayaTow Turtle Temple Of LP Liew - Nakhon Pathom, Thailand.

In Thailand, have many unique and specific temples, one of them is Wat RaiTangThong. The famous temple of PhayaTow Turtle temple and the master of Luang Phor Liew.   
 The main temple Grand gate of Wat RaiTangThong.
 The Vihara of the Giant LP Liew riding PhayaTow statue. The front side is venerated Phra Buddha statues and the beautiful decoration of Turtles on the wall and Guardians.
 Photo taken with the Giant statue of LP Liew Riding Wealthy Turtle. This sacred LP Liew Riding Wealthy Turtle is just upgraded to Golden of plated Gold Foil on surface.
 The closer view of the Giant LP Liew Riding PhayaTow statue.
 The donation name list of devotees and the sacred Yants on the PhayaTow statue.
 The counter donation for the offerings.
 Upgrading work in progress for the statue base.
 The portrait of LP Liew, master was born in year BE2448 at RatchaBuri province and passed away in year BE2543. LP Liew at age 27 years old ordained as monk at Wat Both and during his monkhood has learnt many Dhamma and Wicha from LP Doem (Wat Nongbua), PT Klai (Wat ThatNoi), LP Deang (Wat KaoBanDaiIt) and sacred Wicha of Wealthy Turtle PhayaDao from LP Yoon (Wat BanKongYai) and mant Phra Ajahn in Thailand.
 Inside the Vihara, we could see the Phra Buddha statues and Dragon seat.
 The sacred Phra Upakut statue and behind is the shrine of Mercy Boddhisattvas Guan Yin.
 The main Sala of Wat RaiTangThong, current abbot LP SaiChon is not around during my visited. LP SaiChon was invited to Blessing Ceremony at other temple.
 The Phra Buddha statues and sacred Turtle shell on the altar.
 Photo taken at amulets counter and LP Liew Bucha.
 Another altar inside the main Sala.
The photo of LP SaiChon, the current abbot of Wat RaiTangThong (RaiThong).
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