Saturday, June 15, 2013

Revisited Wat Srisathong In BE2555 Nakhon Pathom - Thailand.

 Currently revisited Wat SrisaThong in year BE2555 and noticed have new upgraded for temple compound areas. Below, the new shrine been built and also venerated the new big Phra Buddha statue. A heavy rain ahead at Wat SrisaThong during my visited.
 The photos taken with new Phra Buddha statue just in front of the Ubosot.
 The new veneration of Phra Trimurti statue and Phra Buddha statue.
 The entrance of old Ubosot building and the altar for Phra Buddha statues.
 The temple Wat SrisaThong amulet counter.
 The Vihara building under construction progress.
 The photo taken with other temple building.
 The main Sala for veneration Phra Rahu statue and upgraded the Phra SangKaCai statue at side.
 The dancers of traditional Thai dresses custume at main Sala ready for their performing.
 Photo taken with the sacred Phra Rahu statue.
 The 'alive' statue of the sacred cow.
The other Vihara building and new building under progress.
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