Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Holy Lights From Tibet - Buddha's Disciple Relics - Katyayana.

The collection includes relics of the historical Buddha and his closest disciples, Mogallana, Sariputra, Purna, Sivali, Upali, Katyayana and Ananda as well as relics of many other Buddhist spiritual masters from many traditions.
Katyayana was foremost in spreading the Dhamma.
Katyayana was born to a rich family with loving parents. However he realized impermanence and chose to seek the truth. He attained Arahantship quickly after following Buddha. Katyayana was extremely enthusiastic about spreading the Dhamma.
He realized the 10 qualities a propagator of the Dhamma must possess: knowing the Dhamma, ability to explain the Dhamma, public speaking ability, persuasiveness, skillful means, ability to follow what is preached, of pleasant appearance and personality, possessing right energy, tired-less, and commands respect. When propagating the Dhamma, he perfected the 4 qualities of skillful means, using the right medicine for the right sickness, knowing the right time, and completeness of the Dhamma.
With the help of Katyayana, Buddhism spread quickly and widely during Buddha's time. The Buddha praised Katyayana as the foremost among his disciples in spread the Dhamma.
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