Thursday, October 15, 2009

Holy Lights From Tibet - Buddha's Disciple Relics - Mogallana.

The collection includes relics of the historical Buddha and his closest disciples, Mogallana, Sariputra, Purna, Sivali, Upali, Katyayana and Ananda as well as relics of many other Buddhist spiritual masters from many traditions.

Rare Mogallana relics aggregate.

Mogallana and Sariputra were the most excellent (chief) disciples of the Buddha. They were both older than the Buddha and both passed away half a year before the Buddha's Parinibbana. They were 84 years old. While Sariputta passed away peacefully on the full moon of October, Moggallana's death, on the following new moon of November. Mogallana was the master of supernatural skills. Many monks had developed certain supernatural skills but Mogallana accomplished the most.
He was capable of :
-Penetrating and reading the minds of others (Telepathy)
-Hearing voices and receiving messages from other beings eg gods, devas, spirits, etc. divine ear (Clair-audience)
-Vision over long distance, seeing other beings and seeing the workings of Karma in others. This is the power of the divine eye (Clairvoyance) He often communicated and received instructions from the Buddha even though they were far apart.
-Astral travel. Being able to leave his form and appear in other realms, he often travelled to the heavenly realms and interacted with gods.
-Telekinesis. Being able to move things without having to touch it or with unusual ease. He even shook the heavenly palace of Sakka to teach him a lesson.

Rare Mogallana relics aggregate.

Mogallana was the foremost in prossessing supernatural powers. Rare Mogallana relics aggregate. Another rare Mogallana relics aggregate and the close-up view.
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