Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wat Kasatrathirat In Ayutthaya- Thailand.

Wat Kasatrathirat Worawihan is outside the island of the city of Ayutthaya that is formed by the river and it's khlongs.
It is an ancient temple of the Sukhothai period, founded in 2200BE with a main Prang Chedi at it's center. It was totally destroyed during the Burmese invasion until it was built up again during the time of King Rama I.

In front the Ubosot is a Phra Cinaraj statue of veneration.

A Luang Phor Kao Buddha statue with a Prang chedi. The Prang chedi or Khmer style chedi that is high and slim and looks like a vertical ear corn.

It is a beautiful arrangement of buildings at the river with the statue of Phra Pratan that is venerates inside the Ubosot.
Inside the Ubosot view and the Phra Pratan Buddha statues.The wiharn of Wat Kasatrathirat is venerates many Phra Buddha statues and past abbot statues.
Buddha Footprint Shrine of the temple.
An amulets shop of the temple, Wat Kasatrathirat Worawihan.

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