Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Luang Pu Tim Of Wat Phra Kao In Ayutthaya - Thailand, passed away on 22nd March 2009 at the age of 96 years old.

I was at Wat Phra Kao-Ayutthaya on 28th May 2009 to pay my final respects to Luang Pu Tim. A photo of the Sala housing the body of Luang Pu Tim, Wat Phra Kao. Luang Pu Tim is one of the top guru monks in the present era. He is well-known and popular for his knowledge in Metta, Dharma and Vishu (supernatural arts). There have been many reports of miracles and beneficial experiences related to LP Tim and his amulets. A complete view in front the coffin, where the body of Luang Pu Tim is keeping. A photo is taken after we pay respects to LP Tim. A close view inside the Sala. A mini altar and the pictures of LP Tim. Another view of the Sala hall. A glass coffin. A close view of the coffin at the side. The devotees offering tamboon and kassa to the monk. Many other devotees have came to pay their final respects to the highly respected Luang Pu Tim.
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