Sunday, October 4, 2020

Revisited To Wat Uttamaram ~ (Wat BangSek) One of My Favourite Temples In Kelantan.

During my journey visiting temples at kelantan, Wat Uttamaram (formerly known as Wat BangSek) is one of my favourite temple. Here is throwback photos from my previous revisited and i just shared the photos here now.
I took this photo from front side of Wat Uttamaram, here we see the old temple gate and wiharn at side.
Photo taken with old Ubosot of Wat Uttamaram (Wat BangSek).
All the time icon of Wat BangSek by old structure building, the Ubosot. And later went to Chedis at back side to pay respect LP Kron (tok raja), CK Chan and CK Mit.
Lucky number on the cactus???, carved by visitor.
The main Wiharn prayer hall of Wat Uttamaram.
Photo taken with main altar of prayer hall Wat Uttamaram.
Photo frame of PT Boon, current abbot of Wat Uttamaram.
Past abbot of CK Mit - Wat Bangsek.
New holy items by wooden materials.
Photo taken with amulet counter of Wat Uttamaram.
Close view the holy items by PT Boon - Wat Uttamaram.


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