Sunday, February 9, 2020

Visiting Golden Buddha On A Ship Temple – Golden Triangle, Ban Sop Ruak - Chiang Rai - Thailand.

When we arrived Golden Triangle, a must visit is the hill top temple, located the temple Wat Phra That Pu Khao. And the down hill (beside Mekong River) is located this Ban Sop Ruak - Golden Buddha on Ship - at intersection of 3 countries: Laos, Myanmar and Thailand.
 The mini 3D model for the Golden Buddha on a ship design temple located at Ban Sop Ruak - Chiang Rai province.
 The giant statue of Golden Buddha sitting on a ship. The giant Golden Buddha stands overlooking the Mekong river.
 Me and photo taken at the ship bow.
 The close view for the huge Golden Budhha facing Mekong river.
 The map of Golden Triangle at the intersection of 3 countries: Laos, Myanmar and Thailand.
 The Mekong river and opposite is Laos country.
 More Phra Buddha statues venerated on the ship deck and front side the Giant Golden Buddha.
 The stern of the ship (venerated Phra Sangkachai), back part of ship with facing intersection the 3 countries.
 This is the beautiful shrine at front area of the ship or Golden Triangle Park.
 The Golden Triangle Park with shrine of Lanna King and side with some souvenir stall.
More statues of Kruba Srivichai, Mercy Guan Yin, Phra Buddha and Phayanak.
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