Tuesday, December 31, 2019

LP Tim - Wat Phra Kao "The White Buddha Statue" - Revisited Again BE2562 At Ayutthaya - Thailand (Part: 2/2).

Wat Phra Kao - temple name by the White statue of Phra Buddha Luang Phor Kao, the beautiful white Buddha image venerated inside the Ubosot Wat Phra Kao. This famous temple Wat Phra Kao is also resided by the late LP Tim.
LP Tim (Wat Phra Kao) completed his Tudong journey alone and is one of the top Guru monks of today. He's famous and popular for his knowledge in both Dhamma and Wicha (Knowledge of Supernarural Arts). LP Tim moved to Wat Phra Kao in 1949 where at that time the Chief Abbot was LP Ting Buddhasiri. LP Tim made highly effective amulets where their are countless testimonies from devotees, well noted are his amulets that possess the power to secure good fortune in business, wealth fetching, metta and business enhancements.
 The amazing view of Ubosot Wat Phra Kao - inside venerated White statue of Phra Buddha Luang Phor Phra Kao.
 The most beautiful mural painting inside the Ubosot Wat Phra Kao.
 The stunning and sacred statue of "White Phra Buddha - named of Luang Phor Phra Kao" - Wat Phra Kao.
 Photo taken inside the Ubosot and with statue LP Phra Kao.
Photo taken with old wiharn Wat Phra Kao.
 The sacred White Chedi of Wat Phra Kao with many statues venerated inside.
 Sacred statues of past abbot Wat Phra Kao, Mae Nang Kwak, Mae Phosob and many Phra Buddha statues.
 The side part of temple with wooden wiharn building and where body the late LP Tim is kept inside glass coffin.
 Pay respect to LP Tim and photo taken at front.
 Close view of body LP Tim (inside glass coffin) and also wax statue LP Tim.
 Sacred Golden Fighting Fish statue of Wooden materials.
Amazing view of mural and roof art inside the wooden wiharn.
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