Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Visited Wat Sakae - Temple Of LP Doo - Museum LP Doo Of Wat Sakae - Ayutthaya - Thailand (Part:1/2).

LP Doo famous for his for his mercy for all creatures and everyone, who visited the temple, would be allowed to touch his mercy. LP Doo would never refuse welcoming them despite being very tired, after working hard all day. In part 1/2, we will see more photos for the 'Museum' with all LP Doo Holy amulet items on display. Sure with his Rian, Phra Phrom and LP Thuad amulets.
LP Doo - Wat Sakae, was born in year BE2447 at Ayutthaya province. He ordained as novice mook and begun his education and learnt dhamma during his childhood. At age 21 year old, he ordained as monk at Wat Sakae by LP Klan and learnt wicha from LP Klan (Wat Phraya Tikaram) as well. LP Doo went to praticed tudong in deep side jungle of Kanchanaburi and Suphanburi. He also successfully learnt the high level of meditation under LP Klan. LP Doo is famous for his dhamma and kindness with his sacred amulets of Phra Phrom, LP Thuad and others. He passed away at age 85 years old in year BE2533.
 The wiharn Museum of LP Doo, At front side is venerated statue of LP Doo.
 Photo taken with LP Doo statue.
 Sacred Phra Buddha image at top of entrance.
 Amulets on display on wall. All by LP Doo.
 All ancient amulets kept by Wat Sakae.
 Main altar with Golden Phra Buddha statue and bottom is LP Doo statue.
 Photo taken with statue LP Doo at main altar.
 A lot of sacred ancient statues on display.
 More collection of Holy items by Wat Sakae - LP Doo.
 The old moulds of amulets by Wat Sakae.
 Another Golden statue of LP Doo venerated at back side the wiharn museum.
Selfie with Golden LP Doo statue.
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