Saturday, October 29, 2016

Visited Temple ~ Wat LamBanPong & LP SomBoon At SuphanBuri - Thailand.

Suphanburi is just a hundred kilometres away from Bangkok, also known as "Suphan" by local, is an ancient town rich in natural, historical heritage, sacred temples and many famous monks. Today we will share photos of the temple Wat LamBanPong and the senior top monk LP SomBoon (temple's abbot). But LP SomBoon is not around during our visited.
 LP SomBoon is a senior Top Monk in Suphanburi with full name of LP SomBoon Piyathammo, he is abbot of Wat LamBanPong. He was born in year BE2465 in Suphanburi and this year he is 94 years old. He is a good monk who people trust and respect. Many grand blessing ceremonies also had invited LP SomBoon for joined blessing, included ceremonies at Wat Palelai, Wat Kae, Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat (Phongsupan temple) and many many more.
 The huge surrounding and the temple gate.
 The main Sala of Wat LamBanPong and have 2 Tower beside the stairway.
 The main altar inside the sala building.
 The portrait of LP SomBoon of Wat LamBanPong.
 So many devotees at amulet counter of Wat LamBanPong.
 The small wiharn building is next with another sala building.
 The crematorium of temple Wat LamBanPong.
 The small shrine.
 The main temple Ubosot of Wat LamBanPong.
The new wiharn building at Wat LamBanPong.
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