Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Visited Wat Phoshi Jarean ~ LP Nuam - Beautiful Temple With Fighting Fishes At SuphanBuri.

Few years ago visited Wat Phoshi Jarean in SuphanBuri province and temple Wat Phoshi Jarean is famous with fighting fishes amulets and buchas. Now the abbot LP Nuam was resided here and he is an old guru monk famous his special wicha and metta.
 The main Mondop and the amulets counter inside.
 LP Nuam is not around because he went to Sukhothai for attended blessing ceremony.
 The monks Kuti.
 The main Ubosot and the main Phra Buddha venerated inside.
 At side is built the new wiharn.
 The building Hall.
The crematorium hall at Wat Phoshi Jarean.
 The sacred and beautiful big statues of Chuchok and Fighting Fishes.
 The temple back side with the fishes pond.
At the main entrance of Wat Phoshi Jarean is stand the King Naresuan statue and Rooster.
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