Thursday, December 4, 2014

LP Kloy ~ Wat Pukowthong - Revisited In Year 2014 & Attended The Blessing Ceremony For New Phra Kring Srivichai (Part 2).

Wat Pukowthong on 28th Oct BE2557, had its Putthapisek blessing ceremony for new batch of Phra Kring Srivichai BE2557. This was final ceremony for total 3 times ceremonies hold for Phra Kring Srivichai.
 LP Ran, LP Uthai and LP Surasak took the seat.
 LP Kloy has no mobility energy and now sits in a wheelchair due for his illness.
 LP Kloy light the candle for the ceremony started.
 This batch Phra Kring Srivichai was attended by many top monks included LP Kloy, LP Maha Surasak, LP Uthai, LP Ran, LP Phrom and others.
 The deep consecrated and empowerment ceremony continued almost 2 hours.
 After the ceremony, temple was light-up the firecrackers and produced a large amount of noice, especially in the form of a loud bang sound.
 The all monks photos taken after the ceremony.
 The mould was eventually destroyed to prevent any copy in future.
The giving amulet and poster for each devotee.
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