Monday, May 12, 2014

Revisited Wat Mai SuwanKiri ~ Dragon Boat Temple In Year BE2557.

The temple Wat MaiSuwanKiri is located Kg. Bukit Tanah in Tumpat, Kelantan. The origin temple is said to have been constructed around 400 years ago by expert craftmen from Thailand. The present day temple is covers 4 hectares with beautiful Dragon Boat and main building hall in gigantic prportions. The sacred vihara Dragon Boat earning it its nickname 'Ketik Perahu Naga' (Dragon Boat).
 The spectacular view of Dragon Boat in Wat MaiSuwanKiri.
 The Dragon Boat is entirely surrounded by water and fishes with 4 Nagas as Guardian beside the Dragon Boat. 
 Inside the Dragon Boat with veneration Phra Buddha Nak Prok with Beautiful Murals painting.
 The new Ubosot just built and conducted ceremony with new batch Mitmor Luk Nimit at year BE2556.
 The small shrine beside the main Building Hall with Giant statue Phra Buddha at the Top Building Hall.
 The photos taken with Phra Cinnaraj statue inside the building hall.
 The wax statue of past abbot Phor Than Di.
 The temple amulet counter with new batch Mitmor.
 The shrine of the late Phor Than Di and his undecay body.
 The Phra Phrom Shrine.
 The Boddhisattvas Guan Yin Shrine.
 The new site for building new statue for Somdet Putthacharn Toh.
 The old site of Wat MaiSuwankiri, the temple Chedi.
 The sacred Phra Sivali, Phra SangKaChai and Phra Lersi were veneration near the temple Chedi.

 The temple crematorium and had ceremony conducted during my visited.
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