Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Khao Sam Roi Yod ~ Amazing Arahant Relic Stone With Divine Blessing.

Khao Sam Roi Yot (Sam Roi Yod) was declared as the first coastal National Park in Thailand on 28th June 1996. The 98 square kilometer park is located approximately 50km south of Hua Hin. The name "Khao Sam Roi Yot" means the mountain with 300 peaks in Thai. A series of grey limestone mountains with living Gemstones of lifetime Divine blessing, known as ' Arahant Relic Stone' was found in deep cave of SamRoiYod mountain in Prachup Khiri Khan province in Thailand. Goddess shrine at Khao Sam Roi Yod.
Phraya Nakhon cave with the Kuha Karuhas Pavillon (inside the cave).Limestone hills inside the cave. The mature and Powerful of Arahant Relic Stone.According to legend - 2000 year ago, 500 Arahant monks practiced meditation in Cave of SamRoiYod Mountain - Prachup Khiri Khan province. The strong aura from the practicing meditation had formed the relic-龙宫舍利子 into the stone at the surrounding cave. Some Relic stone also formed by the remains relic after Arahant are cremated and had attained perfect enlightenment inside the cave. Until today, Arahant Relic Stone is a living stone with Divine Blessing. When Buddhist Arahant are cremated, the remains of pearl like translucent beads known as Relics are found and formed inside the SamRoiYod Cave. They believed to emit strong Spiritual Power and ensured that the presence of Buddha is perpetuated. If one has faith in these Buddha Relic Stone, it is like having realized that the Buddha is living within one's mind, this will help to overcome problems and obstacles.

The mini bucha of Arahant Relic Stone.

The amulets of Arahant Relic Stone.

The 108 Bead of Arahant Relic Stone.
The varieties Statues, 108 Beads and Amulets of Divine Blessing Arahant Relic Stone.LP Parn, LP Koon, LP Lersi Landam and LP Yit ever said this Arahant Relic stone is powerful enough even without monks blessing. This known as Arahant Relic Stone as living stone with Divine blessing.

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