Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wat Paknam ~ Revisited In Year BE 2554.

One of the top 10 greatest guru monks of Thailand is Luang Phor Sod of Wat PakNam. His name is popularly called LP Wat PakNam. We revisited Wat Paknam again in year 2011. The works for this Chedi is almost finish, However it is still not open to the public yet. The current Chief Abbot of Wat Paknam - Soomdej Phramaharachamangkha Rachan, (see at the banner was published by Wat Paknam). The finished construction of passageway that using teak wood as the central beam. This long Hallway is connect to the main hall of the temple houses a statue of Luang Phor Sod with devotees laminate the entire statue with religious gold foils. Photos taken with the LP Sod wax statue and the resting place of LP Sod body in year 2011. The body of LP Sod was used to be visible in the past but now it has been closed for viewing. The Public Relations Office of Wat Paknam and the amulet counter. See more LP Sod Wat Paknam amulets at: See more Thai amulets at:

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