Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wat PiahLang In Tangkak - Johor Malaysia.

All the photos taken of Wat PiahLang are my friend's temple journey. Thanks him for these sharing.
Wat PiahLang is located at Tangkak Johor, the founder was the late Reverend Sriwan (Mei Chi). Reverend Sriwan was one of the Tok Raja's disciple, he taught his devotees on the Tok Raja's teachings at Wat PiahLang. Today, Wat PiahLang is become a model temple in Johor.
The Chedi of Reverend Sriwan's relic, located at the temple compound.
After entered the temple's gate, you will see the Phra Phrom, Phra Nang Kwak, Phra Mae Torani statues are venerated.
The veneration of Phra Cinnaraj at this stunning Vihara.
The Ubosot of Wat PiahLang.
The temple's hall.
Inside the temple's Ubosot.
The veneration statue of Tok Raja - LP Kron, Wat Uttamaram Kelantan.
The veneration statue of Reverend Sriwan, before and after the golden painted.
LP Mit (Phor Than) statue - 3rd Abbot of Wat Uttamaram, Kelantan.
See more amulets from Wat PiahLang at:

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