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Wat Rakhang Khositaram Woramahawiharn In Bangkok Thailand.

This Royal Temple is the second grade of Woramahawiharn, which was built during the Ayutthaya period. Its original name was Wat Bangwa Yai. In 1769, the temple was raised to be a Royal Temple by King Taksin The Great. He then graciously ordered to bring Phra Tripitaka (Buddhist Scriptures) from Nakhon Si Thammarat province to be revised. In the reign of King Rama I, the ancient bell was found there, King Rama I had the bell moved to the temple of the Emerald Buddha and built 5 bells to donate back to the temple. Thence it was called Wat Rakhang.

A major restoration had been carried out by Somdet Khom Phraya Thepsudawadi, the eldest sister of King Rama I. The temple used to be a residence of Somdet Phra Sangkharat Si, the first Supreme Patriarch of the Rattanakosin period and Somdet Phra Buddhachan (Toh Phrom Rangsi).

There is an old Tripitaka Hall situated in the area of the temple. It was original residence of King Rama I, when he was still Phra Ratchawarintra, when Thonburi was still the capital.
The temple entrance is at the end of the small lane. Many devotees make they way through the small lane before entering to Wat Rakhang.
The Phra Prang (Khmer style chedi) in Wat Rakhang and is considered to be an important achievement of the early Bangkok period. At the centre, one of the Buddha images standing in the alcove at four side of the Phra Prang.
Another chedis at Wat Rakhang.
The temple is offering the blessing Holy water to devotees. Many devotees are offering prayers to Arjhan Toh statue and past abbot statue by pasting the gold foil on the statue.
The bell tower of Wat Rakhang.
The bell which give the temple its name. This bell was located in front the Ubosot.
The sema stones or boundary stones, 6 in total, around the Ubosot at Wat Rakhang. Sema stones often come in the form of large stone leafs.
View at the Ubosot compound of Wat Rakhang.
The Ubosot of Wat Rakhang Khositaram's main ordination hall, which is decorates top to bottom with beautiful murals.
A monk offering prayers and chanting at Ubosot.
The Ubosot was crowded with devotees to offering prayers.
The monks are taking a rest in front the white Phra Buddha statue, beside the old Vihara hall.
Sermon Hall, library and other building are often a quite busy to performing religious rites and studying.
The Tripitaka Hall is stands at the back towards the west of the Ubosot - Ordination Hall.
The amulet counter at Wat Rakhang.
Many Arjhan Toh bucha, Wat Rakhang Somdej, Luang Pu Nak amulets, LP Hin amulets ....etc are for rent. Rare and early example, highly collectible and entirely genuine.
Many people were feeding the catfish at Wat Rakhang jetty of Chao Phraya river for making merit.
The riverside view of Chao Phraya river from the ferry.
I obtain these Wat Rakhang Somdej in year 2009. We went to Wat Rakhang twice, in year 2008 and 2009.
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