Friday, October 30, 2009

Holy Lights From Tibet - Antique Buddha Statues.

Treasures From Tibet.
Ancient White Tara Statue.
Devotees looking in awe at some of the beautiful Tibetan antique Buddha statues that were on display in the shiny glass showcases during the Holy Lights From Tibet Exhibition held at the Perak Girls School Hall 28th - 31st Aug 2009 in Ipoh.
Exquisitely craved the ancient statues.Thousand year old Dharmachakra Mudra Buddha Statue and Meditating Shakyamuni Buddha Statue.
Thousand year old hand craved Buddha statues.
Ancient Medicine Buddha statue with jewellery.
Hand craved ancient statues.
Hand craved Garuda.Antique Tibetan Hat and Peg.
Rare and antique.
Exquisitely craved antique Pagoda.
Variety of Big Bronze Buddha statues.
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