Friday, April 21, 2017

Wat PhraLoy ~ The Temple Beside Tha Chin River - Suphanburi - Thailand.

Wat Phra Loy, the ancient temple is located near Tha Chin River in Suphanburi Province. Archeologists assume that this temple was built in the reign of King U-Thong (BE1314–1369). People believe the name “Wat Phra Loy” comes from the event that the Buddha statue flowed along Tha Chin River and stopped at this temple.
Wat Phra Loi was built to house a Buddha image that had been found washed along the Tha Chin River. The white sandstone Buddha image is depicted seated under a Naga (mythic sea serpent) hood, presumably carved during the Lop Buri period. In the temple compound, visitors can also see the ruins of the main Ubosot (ordination hall) built in the U-Thong period. A new Ubosot has been built over the ruins to preserve it.  Nearby, another elegant Ubosot with four entrances houses the beautiful principal Buddha image called Phra Phutthanawaratmongkhon, as well as ancient sandstone Buddha images in various postures. After paying respect to the Buddha images, visitors can feed the thousands of fish that live in the sanctuary in front of the temple. Wat Phra Loi is located by the Tha Chin River, not far from Wat Kae.
The sacred Phra Rahu shrine.
The veneration of Somdet Phra Putthajarn Toh and Phra Buddha Umbat statues.
The main Wiharn with Phra Nak Prok statues.
The sacred Phra Buddha statues.
The temple compound and with sacred Chedi behind it.
The local folk statues. Inside also with many statues of 'Hell'.
The new Ubosot of Wat PhraLoy, elegant Ubosot with four entrances houses the beautiful principal Buddha image called Phra Phutthanawaratmongkhon, as well as ancient sandstone Buddha images in various postures.
The beautiful Mural Painting on the Ubosot wall.
Restore work for main Phra Buddha Phutthanawaratmongkhon, photo taken inside the Ubosot.
The Shrine of Chinese Deity at Wat PhraLoy.
The temple Bell Tower.
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Monday, March 27, 2017

LP Paew Phonphanyor ~ SamnakSong SaiLuang - The "Hidden' Jewel In Phatthalung - Thailand.

The rainy season not stop us to visiting more 'hidden' small temple and samnak. In Phatthalung province we went to visited one of the 'hidden' SamnakSong SaiLuang, the temple resided by LP Paew Phonphanyor. The simple samnak and consider have a big temple area surrounding. 
LP Paew is abbot Samanksong SaiLuang (Wat SaiLuang) at Phatthalung province. LP Paew was born in year BE2474 and now 86 years old. He first ordained as monk in year BE2494 at age 20 years old and learnt dhamma and wicha from LP Nae, Wat Kuan Pattharam. He secons time ordained when he was 48 years old at Wat Kuan Phanteh. LP Paew is nephew of Great monk Ajahn Nam (Wat Donsala). He learnt the wicha from many famous monks included LP Nae (Wat Kuan Pattharam), LP Pan (Wat Kao Or) and also his uncle Ajahn Nam (Wat Donsala).
The temple Samnaksong SaiLuang.
The small temple building where the LP Paew Phonphanyor resided.
The small altar of Phra Buddha and LP Paew Phonphanyor.
The photo taken with LP Paew Phonphanyor.
The frame Phra Lersi and portrait of LP Paew Phonphanyor.
The veneration of Phra Buddha and Srivijaya Bodhisattvas Padmapan statues.
The photos frame with First Batch amulets by LP Paew Phonphanyor.
The 3 masters of LP Paew Phonphanyor, LP Nae (Wat Kuan Pattharam), his uncle Ajahn Nam (Wat Donsala) and LP Pan (Wat Kao Or).
The amulet counter and LP Paew Phonphanyor.
The vast surrounding of Samnak SaiLuang and the old of long building.
The small shirne.
The sacred Phra Sivali statue.
The field at front side.
The small crematorium.
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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Revisited Wat Klang Klong Takian BE2559 - The Famous Phra Somdej Kring Klong Takian & Met LP BoonSung.

We revisited to temple Wat Klang Klong Takian, the very old temple with rich past historical in Buddhism. Wat Klang Klong Takian, over 500 years old monastery in Ayutthaya of Thailand, is commonly known as Wat Klang PakKran by the local Thai people. In the aftermath of war, Wat Klang Klong Takian laid in ruin eventually. Only left the sacred ancient amulet called Phra Somdej Kring Klong Takian. Now temple have old quarter part and new quarter part area.
 The temple gate of Wat Klang Klong Takian with Tao Wessuwan statues at front. Beside the temple gate is located the new built building wiharn of Wat Klang Klong Takian.
 Inside the temple surrounding with some banner list for event of Wat Klang Klong Takian.
 Here is the new quarter of temple Wat Klang Klong Takian, the shrine for house of Phra Buddha statue.
 The sacred and beautiful statue Phra Buddha "Kring Klong Takian" venerated at front side of new building Ubosot of Wat Klang Klong Takian.
 The new building still in progress construction.

 LP BoonSung is chief of Wat Klang Klong Takian, he applied the Holy powder for the Bucha Phra Buddha Kring Klong Takian.
 Deep consecrated blessed by LP BoonSung, for the famous statues Phra Somdej Kring Klong Takian.
The old Wiharn of Wat Klang Klong Takian.
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