Monday, September 10, 2018

Revisited BE2561 ~ Wat Si Mahapo - Temple Of LP Deang - Pattani - Thailand.

Wat Si Mahapo - LP Deang, he was regarded as one of the pioneers in the created of LP Thuad amulets of all time with Ajahn Tim and Ajahn Nong. This temple Wat Si Mahapo is located beside the road of another route to Wat ChangHai.
He was passed away in year BE2539 at age 94 years old and left a legacy as a great dharma monk with Love for Buddhism, Honesty, Respect and many more. He also left the efficacious LP Thuad amulets to us for daily protection. LP Deang left many legacy and great amulets LP Thuad to us.
The sacred Black Phra Buddha LP OngDam, one of the important Phra Buddha statue in southern Thailand.
The small shrine house of LP Thuad statue and Mae Nang Kwak at front, futhermore the new construction building of new Wiharn just locate beside the small shrine.
The main Ubosot of Wat Si Mahapo.
Temple Wat Si Mahapo was just conducted ceremony event inside temple compound area with 7 days Phra Buddha statues on the temporary altar.
Another sacred Phra Buddha venerated below the bodhi tree.
The hall building of Wat Si Mahapo.
Look like is a crematorium building with Phra Rahu at front.
The tower of bell.
Photo taken with LP Thuad statue sitting on the boat with performing miracle with his foot on sea water. Behind is the new Wiharn building.
Another beside is the statue of LP Deang with hand holding stick, now both statues venerated below roof.
Photo taken with Ajahn Oh.
New batch amulet for raise fund for new Wiharn project.
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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Visiting Wat Muang Yala ~ PT Chin - Yala - Thailand.

After more than a decade unrest in Yala province (southern Thailand), the town city is calm when I visited Wat Muang Yala. Along the road, soldiers guarding at road block tent and the security is relatively tight.
PT Chin ( Luang Phor Chin) was born in BE2470 and ordained at the age of 21 at Wat Sambor. He is one of the top three monks (Phra Ajahn Tim, Phra Ajahn Nong & himself) who created powerful amulet of LP Thuad BE2497. In those days, they were always being together to created and blessed during the making of amulet LP Thuad ceremony. PT Chin was passed away on 30 September BE2559.
The city pillar - Yala, it lies in the heart of Yala town.
 The temple gate of Wat Muang Yala and banner with PT Chin image.
 The new wiharn of Wat Muang Yala.
 The big Golden Chedi - Phra Maha Chedi PhraBorom SariRika That Chaloem Phra Kriat, is the Chedi for keeping Buddha’s relics.
 The main altar inside building amulet counter.
 Variety sacred Holy items of Wat Muang Yala.
 Photo taken at amulet counter Wat Muang Yala.
 The main ubosot building and temple surrounding area.
 The temple building Hall with Royal Logo at top roof.
 The photo of PT Chin, passed away in year BE2559.
The kuti building for current chief monk of Wat Muang Yala.
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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Visiting RuamKaTanyu Foundation (Donation Coffin) + Wat Hua LamPhong ~ Bangkok (Part 2/2).

RuamKaTanyu Foundation (beside Wat Hua LamPhong) is the place for gain merit by making donation of coffin. The donated coffin is meant for the poor who passed away without kins to give them a proper burial. The coffin is also provided for victims killed in accidents where nobody had come forward to claim or identify the body.
RuamKaTanyu Foundation and Chinese temple at side.
 Here for anyone to approach the helpers at temple donation counter for assistances.
 The info board of Ruamkatanyu Foundation.
After do the donation, counter helper will give 2 pieces of paper (one red and one white) and have to fill up your personal name and details. 
The first Red paper is written: "I ........your name....... provide this donation of coffin and white cloth for persons with previous bad deeds and corpse without relatives, wish me be free from suffering and gain happines". After write name, the red paper have to pasted onto the yellow coffin.
The second piece White paper of receipt will be burn to the Guardian Deities and Gods in the temple, for them acknowledge the good deeds of the donors.
The simple coffin is made from 4 planks od wood and painted in yellow.
 The censer (incense burner) for burn the White paper and pasted the red paper onto coffin surface.
 The RuamKaTanyu Foundation "Yee Tak Thong" and banner photo for event.
Remember, beside the Chinese Taoist temple, pick up 20 josssticks and proceed to pray to all the heavenly gods and Phra Buddha there.
The furious Tiger statue.
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