Monday, August 19, 2019

Visited Wat Phanan Choeng - Phra Phuttha Trai Rattana Nayok (LP To - SamPoKong 三宝公佛) - Ayutthaya - Thailand (Part: 2/2).

Wat Phanan Choeng is famous for its enormous seated Buddha image, considered to be one of the most beautiful in the country. According to legend tears shed from the eyes of the image just before the destruction of Ayutthaya by the Burmese in 1767.
 The main entrance with board - Wat Phanan Choeng.
 The front side wiharn of the Big Buddha LP To - SamPoKong 三宝公佛.
 The sacred Elephant statue.
 The corridor to wiharn Big Buddha LP To - SamPoKong 三宝公佛 and venerated small size of the Phra Buddha LP To.
 Photo taken with Phra Phuttha Trai Rattana Nayok, also know as LP To - SamPoKong 三宝公佛. The main Biggest Golden Buddha image - made of brick and mortar and covered with stucco - sits in the classic posture of Subduing Mara. It measures (approx) 14 meters at the lap and 19 meters in height including the ornament above the head.
 “Phra Phuttha Trai Rattana Nayok”. It was built of stucco in subduing Mara posture and was magnificently lacquered and gilt. In front of the Buddha Image are a talipot fan and 2 statues of disciples made of stucco sitting on its left- and right- hand side.
 The antique and sacred Phra Buddha statues.
 The temple amulet counter for Wat Phanan Choeng.
 The variety Holy items of Big Buddha LP To - SamPoKong 三宝公佛.
 The beautiful wooden Pillar and Floor of the wiharn.
 The old classic wiharn of Wat Phanan Choeng.
 The small Shrine of CaiShen Caishen 财神 at Wat Phanan Choeng.
The jetty of Pasak river.
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