Sunday, August 4, 2019

Revisited In Year BE2559 - LP Eaum ~ SamnakSong Pathibat Tham TalingChan ~ Phatthalung - Thailand.

Very sad to heard LP Eaum passed away in year BE2562 in July 4th. In this post photos sharing, I dedicated to LP Eaum in memories LP Eaum with me. 
LP Eaum ~ Phor Than Eaum (PhraKru Arthonthammapinit), was a revered guru monk in Phatthalung province. Lp Eaum was born in a poor family in year BE2474 and passed away in year BE2562 at age 88 years old. He was married before and has a very big and loving family. He also is a karawat (Shaman ~ white robe ajahn) and farmer in the village. His father in law was one of the famous karawat Mor Kiew (Doctor Kiew), the disciple of Phra Ajahn ThongTao (the Famous Geji Phra Ajahn of Wat Kao Or).
 The front side of temple area with venerated Phra Sivali and LP Thuad statues.
 The close view of statues of Phra Sivali and LP Thuad.
 LP Eaum in year BE2559.
 That time new batch amulets.
 LP Eaum hand write Yant on locket.
 LP Eaum hand write Yant to Phayant.
 LP Eaum deep consecrated the all Holy items for me.
 Photo taken with LP Eaum.
Temple Samnaksong Pathibat Tham TalingChan the surrounding area with wooden house for temple used.
 The crematorium of Samnaksong Pathibat Tham TalingChan.
 The wiharn and amulet counter.
 The wooden house for for local villagers.
 The sacred shrine of Phra Phrom statue.
The building hall and cottage of Samnaksong Pathibat Tham TalingChan.
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