Friday, May 10, 2019

Visiting Wat San Chao - Shrine Of 本头公 (Běn tóu gōng) - Grandpa KimKoey - Pathum Thani - Thailand (Part:2/3).

Wat San Chao is a longtime well-known temple in Pathum Thani province. The "San Chao" means "shrine" because this temple has 本头公 (Běn tóu gōng) Shrine built and bestowed by "Grandpa Kimkoey" or famously known as "AhPek Rong See". Beside temple Wat San Chao, here also have floating market "Ban Klang" with all kinds of local, mixed between Thai and Chinese food. And we focus more to temple itself.
The Chao Phraya river and jetty for Wat San Chao, next to chinese Shrine 本头公 (Běn tóu gōng).
Photo taken in front the 本头公 (Běn tóu gōng) Shrine and next to me is the sacred Foo Dog statue (up stairway also have small Foo Dog statues). The sacred Foo Dog statue at Wat San Chao is popular among prayers. Every day there are people coming to Wat San Chao to touch Foo Dog statue believed to bring a lot of money to their wallets.  

 The main altar for 本头公 (Běn tóu gōng) and next is altar Mercy Boddhisattvas Guan Yin.
 Photo taken with 本头公 (Běn tóu gōng) statue.
 Close view for sacred 本头公 (Běn tóu gōng).
 Many Holy items at center altar table with bucha and phayant. Here is the main shrine for AhPek Rong See - GrandPa KimKoey for ritual and pray.
 Sacred crocodile and tortoise shell.
 Inside amulet counter.
 Holy items and some photos for new amulets.
 Another table for amulet counter.
 More sacred crocodile statue.
 Shrine 本头公 (Běn tóu gōng) and surrounding view.
 Many upgrading and restoration works for the temple.
Very beautiful dragon pillar.
Here the jetty and Chao Phraya river.
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