Monday, May 6, 2019

Revisited November BE2559 ~ Wat Sra Simun - Obtained 28" Big Aikhai Statue - NST - Thailand.

A short trip to Wat SraSimun to obtained 28" Big Aikhai statue in year BE2559.
 Here the banner for new batch Aikhai by Wat Sra Simun and banner info for LP Therm created old Aikhai amulet in the past.
 The main altar for Aikhai (behind) and the knitting rope at center hall.
 That time the amulet counter located here. If you see my new posting, this amulet counter moved to another side.
 This sacred Big statue of Aikhai is very heavy and is 28 inches height.
 The surrounding area for Wat SraSimun. That year BE2559, the ubosot is not yet start construct. 
The small kuti and tent for temple Wat SraSimun. 
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