Thursday, May 16, 2019

Visiting Wat PhoPhaKhai ~ LP Pichan - Master Of Handmade Variety Takruts - Ayutthaya - Thailand.

Wat PhoPhaKhai was built in year BE2325-BE2327 in the early Rattanakosin period or in the late Ayutthaya period. Previously known as Wat Pho and later changed name to Wat PhoPhaKhai until now. The ancient stupa base of the shape and art is expected to be built in the late Ayutthaya period and until now have done several restoration to present condition. Phra Ubosot was built in BE2458 and was completed on 8-8 April BE2483.
 LP Picharn ~ Wat PhoPhaKhai located at Ayutthaya province. He was disciple of LP ThongSuk and learnt the wicha for Handmade good Takrut from many top monks. During my visited, LP Pichan was not at temple. He went to other temple for attended meeting.
 The temple Ubosot of Wat PhoPhaKhai.
 Temple Chedi, Bell tower and Ubosot.
 Photo taken with banner LP Pichan of Wat PhoPhaKhai.
 Altar inside the small wiharn.
 Photos for masters of LP Pichan, included LP ThongSuk, LP Jong and many more.
 Many Hand Write Phayant.
 Photo taken for amulet counter.
 Many amulets and bucha available for LP Pichan.
 Waiting the total amount for amulets i obtained.
 The main and sacred Chedi of Wat PhoPhaKhai.
 The more wiharn and Bell tower.
 The sacred shrine for GuanYin statue.
 The sala building.
 The crematorium building.
The new built building for Wat PhoPhaKhai.
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