Thursday, May 9, 2019

Revisited In Year BE2562 ~ Wat Chinwararam ~ Meet With LP Chamnan - Pathum Thani - Thailand (Part:1/2).

Since LP Chamnan was promoted (Chao Khun) and lead Wat Chinwararam at Pathum Thani, temple Wat Chinwararam had did some restoration and some upgrading. Here we sharing some photos for temple progress and part 2 we sharing photos with LP Chamnan.
 The wiharn building with beautiful plant.
 The full wooden building of Wat Chinwararam.
 This half wooden half concrete building is temporary not in use.
 Surrounding view.
 This ubosot with one side grenery view and another one side still in restoration.
 Photo taken with Ubosot Wat Chimwararam.
 Many part of temple in upgrading process. Behind ir the sacred Golden Wiharn.
The sala building.
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