Friday, May 10, 2019

Visiting Wat Makham - Shrine Of AhPek Rong See - Grandpa KimKoey - Pathum Thani - Thailand (Part:1/3).

Wat Makham and Wat San Chao are located side by side and very important temple for AhPek Rong See (Grandpa KimKoey). He also is Master to Chow Yam-nam 周欽南 -White Dragon King 白龍王. When he still alive, AhPek Rong See was at Wat San Chao - Chinese temple 本头公 to do ritual and met devotees. When he got old, a shrine of "ahpek rong see" built at Wat Makham by name KimKoey Shrine-锦溪堂 to honour him.
Ah Pek Rong See ~ Grandpa Kimkoey. He is a Chinese old man who settled in Thailand and he was usually went to the Chinese shrine at Wat San Chao in Pathum Thani Province. He was a owner of a rice mill and local people called him "AhPek Rong See".  He is well known by his Wicha and Feng Shui teaching and like to help people and teach them to do good things. People often asked him for a favor about Feng Shui of their houses, establishments and their ancestors' graves and most of them were later prosperous in business.
 Here is the Shrine KimKoey-锦溪堂. And do remember, monday is close for this shrine. 
 I went here on monday, so the shrine is close and i managed to take photo at front shrine only. One day I will be back and pay respect to Grandpa KimKoey.
 Front side the shrine was located house of many statues Phra Buddha with Tao Wessuwan guardian at entrance.
 Photo taken with the chapel at Wat Makham.
 The another small shrine of Wat Makham.
 The sacred Wiharn, Bell tower and pillar at Wat Makham.
 The shrine for Phra Sangkachai.
 The sacred Chedi of Wat Makham.
 The main Ubosot of Wat Makham.
 Another Golden White Chedi of Wat Makham.
 The old Wiharn building.
Photo taken again before i continue my journey to other temples.
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