Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Visited Wat Tham TapianThong - Temple Of LP ThongDam - Lopburi - Thailand.

This trip we came to visited Wat Tham TapianThong at Lopburi province. Here is the temple of LP ThongDam, during my visited LP ThongDam went to Hospital for check-up schedule.
LP ThongDam of Wat Tham TapianThong - LopBuri province, is a senior follower of LP Mum of Wat Prasat. He is the first monk who created style of Phra Khun Paen JowSup JowSaneh in present time and popular for his knowledge in both Dhamma and Wicha. LP Thongdam who is the third of the 4 siblings and studied at Wat Ban Prasat till the age of 10 years old and helped his family in farming. At the age of 22 years old, he ordained under PhraKru Virutammagij, Phra Ajahn Ngow and Phra Ajahn Poh at Wat Samoh - Srisaket province. After studied the high level of Dhamma, LP ThongDam went to learn “Wicha” from LP Mun Wat Prasat. LP Mun is a master who will not teach “wicha” to anybody unless he is sincere and willingly to serve and help the people. He also studied with Phra Ajahn Thongsook - Wat BanPet also teaches LP Thongdam “wicha” and Sak yant after LP Thongdam finish learning “wicha” from LP Mun . After the studied, he went to “Tudong” at Ubon Ratchathani and met Phra Ajahn Hom who attained very high meditation level and he learnt “Pra Tamma Gaow Goti” a Buddhist scripture from Phra Ajahn Hom. In year BE2512, LP Thongdam found and open a cave which is now know as Wat Tham TapianThong.
 The temple gate for Wat Tham TapianThong.
 The sacred White Phra Buddha statue venerated near front entrance of Wat Tham TapianThong.
 The new built Wiharn for Wat Tham TapianThong, here the place for blessing ceremony for new batch amulets. The door was close during my visited.
 The Chapel and Kuti of LP ThongDam.
 The main altar inside the chapel. Behind the door is the Kuti of LP ThongDam.
 Photo taken with new 9 Faces Phra Lersi statue for BE2562 and this time i came for took my Phra Lersi Bucha order and also obtained some amulets.
 The photos of LP ThongDam were hang inside the Chapel.
 Photo taken at amulets counter.
 The sacred Shrine of Mercy GuanYin statue.
 Photo taken with the Shrine Phra KaoNa Nawakot.
 Close view for 9 Faces Buddha - Phra KaoNa Nawakot of Wat Tham TapianThong.
 The temple surrounding view.
 The big building under construction at Wat Tham TapianThong. Next to it is the Shrine for Phra Phrom.
 The sacred Golden statue of  LP Thep Loke Udom.
 The sacred Golden statue of  LP Opasi.
 The Shrine of Mae Takian.
Here the cave of Wat Tham TapianThong. I've not looked inside the cave behind the temple because the smell so strong by bat and bird droppings and the smell actually made me heave.
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