Sunday, June 30, 2019

Meet With LP Diu (LP Tiew) ~ Wat ManeeChulakan - Lopburi - Thailand.

Wat ManeeChulakan located in Lopburi, province in the central region of Thailand. When this trip was dedicated to Lopburi for temple visiting, we went to visited Wat ManeeChulakan and met with LP Diu, one of the great monk for making Phra Phrom amulets.
 Photo taken with LP Diu (LP Tiew) - abbot of Wat ManeeChulakan. LP Diu was born on 2 December 1959 (BE2502) in Lopburi province and ordained as Buddhist monk when he was 20 years at Wat ManeeChulakan. LP Diu studied the magic and meditation from many top monks and magical experts such as LP Doo of Wat Sakae, LP See of Wat Sakae, Ajahn Chum Chaikiri and other. LP Diu is an expert in making Phra Phrom amulets from lineage of Wat Sakae.
 Just opposite temple Wat ManeeChulakan is located sacred White Chedi LP Saeng, who was the teacher of Somdet Putthacharn Toh in meditation. This is one of the most sacred and holy chedi in Lopburi province.
 The renovated old Ubosot of Wat ManeeChulakan.
 Places view for surrounding Ubosot and the sacred Bell tower located next to Ubosot.
 The main altar for Ubosot, photo taken with Phra Buddha statue inside the Ubosot.
 The sacred bodhi tree and venerated 7 days Phra Buddha statues, behind is venerated Big White Buddha Nak Prok statue.
 The sacred Big of White Phra Buddha Nak Prok of Wat ManeeChulakan. This statue is facing the school at opposite side.
 The opposite side of school and river.
 The White Chedi at Wat ManeeChulakan.
 Here also could see the LP Saeng White Chedi at opposite temple Wat ManeeChulakan.
 Photo taken with LP Diu, hand write yant with amulets that i obtained.
 LP Diu (LP Tiew) hand write Yant for the amulets, one by one.
 Deep consecrated for amulets i obtained.
 The new batch of Phra Phrom amulets by LP Diu.
 Received blessing amulets from LP Diu, sadhu sadhu sadhu.
 Kuti of LP Diu.
The main sala bulding of Wat ManeeChulakan.
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