Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Visited Wat BangNomKho - Temple Of LP Parn - Ayutthaya - Thailand.

In Ayutthaya, one of the old guru monk - LP Parn - Wat BangNomKho, was well respected and popular with his amulets of Phra Buddha sitting animals of Garuda (called Song Krut), Hanuman (called Song Hanuman), Porcupine (called Song Men), Fish (called Song Pla), Rooster (called Song Gai) and Bird (called Song Nok). And below here we sharing his temple Wat BangNomKho photos.
LP Parn was born on July 16th, 1875 in Ayutthaya province and he got ordained at Wat Bang PlaMor on April 1st, 1895. After ordination, he studied magic and intensive meditation with LP Soon at Wat Bang Pla Mor. He also studied more magic and more intensive meditation with many guru monks such as LP Niam of Wat Noi and LP Nong of Wat Khlong MaDan and many other guru monks. LP Parn was passed away on July 26th, 1938 at age 63. LP Parn's amulets are very popular among Thai amulets users and collectors because of their frequent miraculous phenomena both recorded and unrecorded. LP Parn's amulets have marked long-time uncountable records in warding off dangers of all kinds and it's great for making sacred water for healing illness that modern physicians could not do anything with it. LP Parn's amulets are of Phra Buddha sitting on a carrier creature - Garuda, Hanuman, Porcupine, Fish, Rooster and Bird.
 The main entrance and front view of Wat BangNomKho - temple of LP Parn.
 Very crowded with devotees and photo taken in front of LP Parn statue.
 The photo taken with Wax statue of LP Parn - Wat BangNomKho.
There are typically 6 animal imprints and it meaning.
 The main Chedi of Wat BangNomKho.
 The small chapel.
 The sacred statues of Phra Buddha venerated next to Ubosot.
 The main Ubosot of Wat BangNomKho.
 Photo taken inside the main Phra Buddha of Ubosot.
 The stair connecting to below level of 'Hell' world. This sub-basement is so unique and is located below the Ubosot.
 The below 'Hell' world.
 Photo taken at below - 'hell'.
 The center sub-basement for devotees crawl and circle (above is Phra Buddha Statue) for good luck.
 The amulet counter and beside is the hall building.
 The amulet counter and Phra Somdej with animal imprints is added beautiful frame.
 The sacred Rich Katha - LP Parn.
 The new site of building Wat BangNomKho.
The sacred shrine at front side temple.
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