Sunday, April 7, 2019

Revisited Wat Donsala BE2559 ~ Temple Of Ajahn Nam ~ Phatthalung - Thailand.

This is another short trip to temple Wat Donsala (revisited BE2559) that i 'late' to post in my temple journey blog. I remembered during this trip, temple Wat Donsala have funeral ceremony for honoring someone who has died. All temple monks included LP Uthai (abbot) attended the ceremony.
 The back gate of Wat Donsala. Currently temple do restoration to the main temple gate.
Ajahn Nam Chinnawaro BE2434-2519, is among the past abbot, Ajahn Nam was brought the great development for Wat Donsala and his virtue still exists in people’s memory.
 The temple ubosot of Wat Donsala.
 The building house of past abbot of Wat Donsala and KaoOr monks..
 Photo taken with Ajahn Nam statue.
 Beside the ceremony (funeral), have market bazaar too (inside area Wat Donsala).
 Here is new site for temple amulet counter. Next to it is tent and attending ceremony funeral.
 Here the main gate of Wat Donsala under restoration.
 Temple building and market bazaar at front side temple Wat Donsala.
 The ceremony inside the hall and LP Uthai also at inside for chanting.
 Have a look and took photo in front the hall.
Wat Donsala name board with crematorium building.
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