Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Revisited Wat NaiTao BE2562 - Temple Of LP Prasoot - Trang - Thailand (Part 1/2).

Wat NaiTao is one of my favorite temple in southern Thailand because for it strong aura cave Phra Puttha Gosi. LP Prasoot abbot of Wat NaiTao is famous for his magical Wicha to blowing pieces of gold foil (cover with paper) into devotee forehead. During this visit, LP Prasoot is not around. He's attending ceremony at Bangkok.
 Heavy rain when i reached at Wat NaiTao.
 Photo taken at amulet counter Wat NaiTao.
 New batch of sacred HoonPaYon.
 I obtained many of new HoonPaYon, Si Perng, BiaGae, Palang Chakawan and many others included Jet Naree.
 Many children prepared for tomorrow to ordain as novice monk.
LP Prasoot went to Bangkok for attending ceremony during my visit, i was unable to met LP Prasoot this time. Here is the seat for LP Prasoot to meet devotees and he absent today.
 The center of cave Puttha Gosi and altar for Reclining Buddha and past abbot statues of Wat NaiTao.
 The pond with Phayanak Naga and sacred Mae Thorani statue.
 Colourful light and veneration of Phra Nak Prok and LP Thuad statues.
 The main altar with 3 Triple Gems Phra Buddha statues.
Deep inside the cave with more statues of Phra Buddha, Hermit Lersi and Tiger.
 And more monk statues venerated here.
 The Phayanak stairway to back side of the hill.
Behind the cave for more huge area with mountain, jungle, rugged limestone cliffs and remote caves.

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