Sunday, April 21, 2019

Visit Wat Jaeng - Temple Of LP Phong - Phatthalung - Thailand (Part 1/2).

Recently we going to visit and meet LP Phong at Wat Jaeng. In Part 1/2 (here), we sharing more photos for temple Wat Jaeng. During my visited, LP Phong was went to Samnaksong BanMai for built the new Pagoda building (unofficially name Sitthikansophon Dhamma Retreat) at there. We see more photos at part 2/2.
LP Phong (PhraKru Sitthikansophon) - Wat Jaeng of Patthalung province. LP Phong keeps on powerful magical knowledge from LP Dej of Wat Jaeng and LP Sen of WatTha Mi Ram. He was received a rank as "Phra Kru Sitthikansopon" and he has given many favors to the society such as building the bridge, road, school and children center, providing scholarships to students and restoring Buddhist sanctuaries. Local people praise him as a good monk and respected him very much. Recently LP Phong have new project to built new Pagoda Building at Samnaksong BanMai (maybe is second temple by LP Phong). We will sharing photos at part 2/2 for this new samnaksong.
 The sacred old Ubosot at Wat Jaeng.
 Behind the Ubosot is the sacred White Chedi.
 Photo taken with the White Chedi with Tao Wessuwan as guardian.
 Amulet counter at Wat Jaeng and the poster for new batch Rian LP Phong Yant Maha MongKhon.
 Photo taken at amulet counter Wat Jaeng.
 The front and back of temple gate Wat Jaeng.
 Selfie at one of the building at Wat Jaeng.
 The small shrine and building Hall at Wat Jaeng.
Photo taken at front shrine for house past abbot of Wat Jaeng and LP Phong's master LP Dej statue.

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