Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Revisited Year BE2558 ~ PT Thit ~ Wat Machimmaram ~ Biggest Seating Buddha, Tumpat In Kelantan Malaysia.

 Another week-end, and another temple visiting at Kelantan - Malaysia. But this time many temples in Kelantan busying prepare the celebration Kathina and Loy Karthong. Here the Wat Machimmaram, the old temple with more than 300 years history.
 This is the small Wiharn and Bell Tower seen from entrance of Wat Machimmaram.

Inside the wiharn is kept the Kassa Jivorn for Kathina year BE2552, this Kassa Jivorn was presented by H.M. H.M. Bhumibol Adulyadej - Ninth King of Thailand.
 The photo taken with large statue of the Seating Buddha, that is 30 metres high and 18 metres wide. This Seating Buddha took 10 years to build by the skilled craftsmen from Thailand, and its was completed in 2000. This Buddha statue is contains the Buddha's relic and Solid Gold coated on the Buddha lips.
 Next to the Big Seating Budhha, have a new hall building under construction progress.
 The old Hall building (1982) of Wat Machimmaram.
 The old wiharn (1975) the 'Dewan Ibadat'.
The temple amulet counter.
 The photo taken with PT Thit.
 Here the construction site of 2 storey of Library & Musuem Hall, just next to 'Dewan Ibadat' Wiharn building.
 The Siam School inside the temple compound (Wat Machimmaram).
 The main Shrine of Phra Phrom - Wat Machimmaram.
 The sacred house of Phra Lersi.
The sacred Phra SangKaChai in middle of Fish Pond, with turtle too. The back side we could see the Peafowl cage.
Here the Peafowl in the cage.
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