Monday, November 9, 2015

Revisited Year BE2557 ~ PT Thit ~ Wat Machimmaram ~ Biggest Seating Buddha, Tumpat In Kelantan Malaysia.

Suddenly i realized in my 'Photo Vault' that the temple journey of Wat Machimmaram BE2557 is not posting yet in my blog. Now i reposting back my temple journey at Wat Machimmaram BE2557 April and met master PT Thit.
The main wiharn with tower bell.
The old wiharn 'Dewan Ibadat' and temple amulet counter.
Last year photo taken with PT Thit and behind with frame photos.
The photo taken on main altar, beside is venerated the wax PT Thit statue.
The close view the Wax PT Thit statue.
The temple surrounding with pupil from siam school at Wat Machimmaram.
In year BE2557, this site was purpose for built the building Hall, this year BE2558 is started the construction. 
A must posture for photo taken at the Big Seating Phra Buddha statue at Wat Machimmaram.

The Deity Guardian for main Big Seating Phra Buddha, at base is venerated the mini Seating Phra Buddha statue.
The inside the Ubosot is venerated the Phor Than Thit statue, Tok Raja statue and PT Khlai.
The beautiful Mural painted and Dragon Pillar.
The news about temple Wat Machimmaram and PT Thit. The news about efficacious PT Thit amulets and Maikru, the new amulet released and announcements of temple 'SAY NO' to 4D prediction in the past, present and future.
See more amulets from PT Thit at:   
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