Friday, October 9, 2015

Visiting Wat MaMuangKao ~ The Famous Temple Of Pidta Pangpakan With Thousand Swords - Nakhon Si Thammarat.

We tried to visit Wat MaMuangKao last year and gave up as ran out of time. So this time we were determined to visit and we did. Wat MaMuangKao was a sacred religious temple, a famous temple for consecrated the Phra Pidta PangPaKan BE2546.
 The main building of Wat MaMuangKao and abbot kuti is next to it.
 Inside with main altar with veneration Phra Buddha Sothorn, Emerald Buddha and most sacred of Bucha Phra Pidta Pangpakan BE2546 at top side of cabinet.
 The photo taken with the Buchas Phra Pidta PangPaKan BE2546.
 The close view for the buchas.
 The complete info for the batch Phra Pidta PangPaKan BE2546.
 The sacred Phayant "Thousand Swords" Phra Pidta PangPakan BE2546.
 The fading photos of Ajahn Khun Pan when he came for consecration the batch Phra Pidta PangPaKan BE2546.
 The photo of Ajahn Khun Pan with abbot Wat MaMuangKao during that time.
 The sala building.
 Here another Phra Pidta PangPaKan statue that veneration at front the Wiharn.
 The photo taken at front Wiharn with LP Phra Samut, the current abbot.
 The unique model ship with Phra Sangkachai .
 The boxes of new batch amulet inside the Wiharn.
 The main Wiharn of Wat MaMuangKao with Phra Buddha statues.
 The new Hall building.
 The Long Boat for competition during festival.
 The new built crematorium and sala building.
The temple surrounding with many coconut trees.

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