Thursday, October 1, 2015

Visiting Wat Lam Phaya - Temple Of Phor Than Krai - Yala Province.

Back to past there were a lot of miraculous stories of PT Krai like subdued all the fierce beasts, especially the tigers and cobras with his psychic power when PT Krai went to Yala to continue his tudong and practiced meditation. That's why the PT Krai bucha is always sitting on a tiger and 2 cobras. PT Krai also learnt under same master with LP Thuad at Wat Pahkoh, songkhla province. Because PT Krai is related with LP Thuad, many previous blessing ceremonies were invited Phra Ajahn Tim and Phra Ajahn Nong to Wat Lam Phaya to consecrate the PT Krai amulets during that era.
 The old wiharn built BE2509 with veneration sacred statues inside.
 With Tigers as Guardian at front side the old wiharn.
 Photo taken inside the old wiharn.
 The Phra Buddha LP OngDam statue.
 The sacred statues of PT Krai with tiger and 2 Cobra at front.
 The temple Hall building.
 The altar of Phra Buddha statue and with amulet counter there.
 Photo taken with sacred PT Krai Bucha. Current abbot PT Singh is not around during my visited.
 The beautiful Vihara and closed to public.
 The old vihara and another temple building.
 The old Sala building.
The temple surrounding and temple gate.
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