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JatuKham RamaThep ~ Lak Muang (City Pillar) Of Nakhon Si Thammarat - Thailand.

Nakhon Si Thammarat's City Pillar is designed with the Four Faces of Brahmas at the Top. The gilded Pillar is protected by a perspex tube and surrounded by four smaller Brahmas style pillars. Among other statues in front of the Pillar is sacred JatuKham RamaThep, the deity that inspired an amulets craze that swept the country in year 2007. The red ceiling above the pillar has a large, octagonal indentation with gilded reliefs of Phra Rahu eating the moon. The Lak Muang shrine is located on the northern side of the sport field, almost opposite the main tourist office and just short walk from downtown Ratchadamnoen road and  the City Wall.
 The main shrine of Lak Muang City Pillar of Nakhon Si Thammarat.
 The sacred PhayaNak images.
 Beside the main Shrine was located the other 4 small Shrines, each at one corner side and surrounding the main shrine of Lak Muang.
 Inside the shrine and the main altar, behind is the sacred Lak Muang.
 The statue of Phra Puttajarn Toh and Lak Muang.
 The close view of the Lak Muang, the artistic work at the Mai TakianTong wood, the Lak Muang.
 The early working on a wooden Mai TakianTong for the Lak Muang BE2528.
The final and the blessing ceremony for the Lak Muang and JatuKham RamaThep amulets in year BE2530. Many Top Monks were participated included Ajahn Khun Pan and Ajahn Ko Pong.
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